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April 04 2011
Innse-Berardi has designed a "Turnkey" system fot the earth moving field

Meet Customer’s special requirements imply to trust on first-class technological solutions. Innse-Berardi has designed a "Turnkey" system which allowed a well-known manufacturer of earth moving equipment to increase its production capacity and therefore its competitiveness.

To meet the needs of a changing world it is necessary to be abreast with the times.

That is in everyday life as well as in the industrial world: today more than ever the quality of a product or service can make the difference.

In the machine tool field “quality“ has a broader meaning, it is not only material and tangible quality, but also the ability to meet the requirements of market and consequently those of customers.

This is well known also by Innse-Berardi, a long experience company in large machine tools field.

In the recent years the rapid and constant technological change leaded to the most modern solutions for machining operations with chip removal.


The right solution

Innse-Berardi designs and manufactures machine tools suitable for many application fields,

among which agricultural and earth moving sectors have a prime importance.

In this context it is essential to propose flexible, precise and reliable machines taking into account the size of the workpieces to be machined.  An important manufacturer of earth moving industry has recently found in the milling-boring machine model Aries 2R the solution to his needs.

The machine has a movable column with reduced section and closed ram, large size machine even in a narrow space.

This industry requires high precision machining operations because it involves structural and important elements. In addition, each workpiece batch has a few units, maximum ten, making necessary to rely on a high and advanced automation.

The machine

Being a complete package, the design of the whole solution is a rather complex process, but able to highlight the peculiarity of a model as to another.

The project starts from the evaluation of the well-established situation and  capacity of the Customer, after which it’s possible to determine the target that shall be ambitious but reasonable.

This is a very important step as these machines, once installed, must work for a very long time, usually more than 20-30 years, therefore it will be essential to choose a “far-seeing” configuration.

Initially the goal was on the productivity and flexibility: on a typical piece for  this sector, for which the machining time is about 4 hours, the Customer required to Innse-Berardi to design a pallet system with three pallet-holding stations, for the connection to the table (table loading capacity 20 tons, dimensions  LxW 3000 x 2000 mm)

The company uses an interesting approach to production: being able to count on three pallets, in fact, set the machine to perform the roughing operations during the night shift (unmanned), while the finishing operation is carried out in two shifts during the day.

The machine is equipped with automatic tool changer and tool magazine (200 pockets),  one four-positions automatic attachments changer, three customized attachment heads and a rack-type magazine for large tools.

Once prepared the first design and carried out the simulations,  the technology difference between the new Aries 2R and the old boring-milling machines resulted in decreasing  the machining time from 4  to 2,5 hours and consequently in improving the productivity.

What designed and manufactured by Innse-Berardi, allowed to reduce the workpiece production time of about 30%.

Let the numbers speak.

"The price is important for any company - Innse Berardi confirmed - but in many cases becomes secondary compared  to the machine peculiarities. In our case it is important to understand customer’s requirements, offering a turnkey solution that meets the current and future needs. "

The proposed model in fact offers a longitudinal travel (X axis) of 8000 mm,  Y axis travel   of  3000 mm, Ram travel of  1250 mm and additional 1000 mm for the spindle. The latter has a diameter of 150 mm, sufficient to ensure the rigidity of tools developed in all working conditions, even completely protruded. The tool runs also with great efficiency thanks to  the power of 60 kW in S1 and to 3000 Nm of torque, reaching 3000 rpm with two speed ranges.

The machine can be equipped according to different customized solutions, such as indexed right angle milling heads, spindle extensions,  45° universal heads  with continuously positioning, 1 or 2 working axes heads, 90° indexed heads, facing heads. Furthermore many kinds of magazines can accommodate standard or large tools, equipment and attachment heads. Considering the machine dimensions, a special kit of video cameras allows to check the working area.

The large welded workpieces machined on Aries 2R may have  substantial variations in size compared to data shown on the drawing: for this reason the machine is  equipped with a special workpiece identification device, for  a preliminary check before machining, to verify that everything is within specified tolerances, after that starts the machining cycle. Should some dimensions are not within the set values, the machine goes on with another workpiece and sends to the operator a warning message.

Productivity and availability (running time)  of Aries 2R installed at this particular Customer is in fact very high, around 95%, but a rough piece out of dimensions may frustrate many working hours and this checking process can save time and money.

The accuracy is also an important element: when the axis travels are of several meters, even a change of temperature of  few degrees can affect the success of a process.

Special probes are used for this purpose, by checking the temperature in different points of the machine, to cool the oil used for lubrication of bearings, gears and hydrostatic system.

The measured values are compared with room  temperature so to have the same thermal expansion both on the machine and on the workpiece, which compensate each other. Furthermore the Numerical Control Unit  has a balancing system for the weight of the head and of the  vertical carriage; even the Ram can be balanced depending on the presence of particular attachment heads, based  on data previously loaded into the CNC. The corresponding value is then automatically updated according to the attachment head loading and ram travel.

Numbers are clear:  the Aries 2R has the potential to improve the workshop, satisfying the more demanding Customers.

But what happens if the machine stops? Innse Berardi engineers have an answer for this eventuality too.

"It's a remote possibility, because we give great attention to details and to select reliable sub-suppliers. When the investment is so challenging, in fact, save a few thousand euro may lead to harmful consequences for our  Customer and, therefore, for us.

We do not want our brand is synonymous with products of dubious quality! For this reason we choose reliable partners, in order to ensure confidence  to customers and, therefore, to us. "

The countries of northern Europe are known for their great attention to the environment: environmental pollution laws are very strict, so Innse-Berardi has developed a highly sophisticated system of machine protection, able to keep clean the work area,  recovering all machining fluids  and gas, sending  them into special filters.

Innse-Berardi carried out several courses on mechanical, electrical / electronic maintenance and on the use of NC unit, to make the Customer as autonomous  as possible.

 "While offering a very short service time, often just a little intervention of Customer’s operator can solve small  impasse and return to full operation. Usually we are present by the Customer for two or three weeks after machine commissioning  in order to offer maximum support to make the Customer independent in the shortest possible time”

Source : Tecnologie meccaniche - april 2011 -  editor : Andrea Pagani