Horizontal Automated fiber placement Mongoose for high flexibility

Processing deposition speeds up to 360 m2/hour

Unique design with creel integrated in attachment deposition Module

Up to 16 (24) CFUD tows, available widths  0.125 in, 0.250 in, 0.500 in

Ingersoll Machine Tools is the manufacturer of Horizontal automated fiber placement (AFP) machines for composite part manufacturing. The Horizontal  Mongoose ® AFP equipment lead the market in flexibility, ergonomic and quality due to its unique attachment Modules feature. Ingersoll’s machines are built in several configurations, which correspond to the customer’s specific range of needs: part size, geometry, material type, etc. All equipment is built using proven, common, modular components, allowing for shorter lead time, reduced cost, and higher flexibility. Ingersoll offers AFP solutions for small to very large composite structures and for a variety of material types and tow/tape widths.

Lay-up speed up to 75 m/min (2,800 in/min)
Cut Speed up to 60 m/min (2,400 in/min)
Add speed up to 60 m/min (2,400 in/min)
Bi-directional lay-up capability
Mongoose Modules , interchangeable in 3 minutes
Conformable compaction roller for uniform distribution of compaction pressure
IR heater intensity dynamically adjustable with the lay-up speed
Lay-up head components quickly interchangeable
Material consumption management
Exclusive Software: Ingersoll Composite Software Suite - iCPS 
3-Axis positioner covering a large working envelope, following Customer’s needs.
Stationary Lay-up Tool: Male or female configuration
Perfect solution for medium productivity and high flexibility.
Rotary Mandrels (7th axis)