Composite Machining & Drilling

Spindle power up to 80 Kw
Emulsion and vacuum dry technologies, both available.
Large working envelopes

In addition to Ingersoll’s line of equipment for the deposition of Composite parts, we also offer the trimming processes for composite structures. Ingersoll’s high speed horizontal PowerMill series of moving column machines and vertical MasterSpeed gantry type machines perform very precise final milling, trimming, and drilling operations for composite components. Both types of machines are available in many configurations to suit the customer’s work-piece requirements. Ingersoll also offers turnkey solutions, including programming, fixturing and cutting tool selection to fit the customer’s specific requirements.

Practically any size of working envelope
Feedrates up to 60 m/min
Rotating platforms for proper workpieces
Horizontal workzone headstock + tailstock for near-cylinder workpieces
Automatic Tool Changers
Vacuum Chip and Dust Removal Systems or Flood Coolant debris recovery systems with advanced filtration
Coolant Mist Collectors
Part Probing System
Automatic Tool Probing System

Flexible Systems for part clamping

Pressurization of Axis Position Feedback Devices
Ingersoll’s High Speed Machining Postprocessor