Powermill multipurpose with attachment heads

RAM drive 137 Kw
Mechanical and electro spindles five-axis
50 m/minute federates on a 60 cubic meter working envelope

Ingersoll offers a line of horizontal machines with attachment heads. The dynamic of the structure is advanced so to assure federates in machining and non machining time that are outstanding the concurrence. A vaste selection of heads is available for all possible needs , including programming, fixturing and cutting tool selection to fit the customer’s specific requirements.

X - Axis

4,000 mm>>>10,000 mm

Y - Axis

1,800 mm>>>4,500 mm

Z – Axis (dive)

1,000 mm and 1,500 mm

Linear Axes Feedrates

50,000 mm/min

Max Spindle Power/Torque

Up to 137 Kw/ 2300 Nm