Scalper Twin line for very high production aluminum ingots

Main Spindle Power

up to 950 Kw on each of two main spindles

Ingot Length

Up to 9,000 mm


Up to 1,000,000 tons/year

A twin line of  Ingersoll Aluminum Ingot Scalper model S02 reaches the highest possible productivity aluminum ingot machining. Ingersoll has delivered over (50) scalpers to aluminum companies throughout the world. The latest generation of the Ingersoll Scalper provides the most advanced technology available for high productivity with a 932 kW (1250 HP) soft start main spindle with dynamic braking for ingots up to 9000mm (354") long.  Ingersoll provides a complete line for 4 sides scalping in a single pass,  including a double chip collection system with crusher, fan, cyclone and duct system . The Ingersoll Aluminum twin line scalper uses the latest generation Siemens Type S7-300 Series PLC for control of the ingot handling automation and the scalping process. Depending upon the production mix on ingot sizes and alloys, the Ingersoll S02 Twin line Scalper can produce up to 11 ingots/hour with edge scalping.

Main Spindle Power

750 or 950 Kw

Main cutting disc (dual stage)

Up to 2700 mm dia

Ingot Length

From 2200 to 9000 mm

Ingot Width

From 1100 to 2650 mm

Ingot Thickness (Unscalped)

From 300 to 650 mm

Max. Depth of cut

Ingot Weight (Unscalped)

45 mm single pass

30 MTons