Wind Blades: Automated line for fabric fiber deposition

Processing deposition speeds up to 1200 Kg/hour  
Full capability on traditional  molds double  female configuration
Large rollers on board with automatic replacement from storage racks


Ingersoll Machine Tools offers the perfect solution for Fabric deposition on top quality wind blades. The consistency and low impact environmental of the CNC gantry system are the natural application of decades of gantry machines experience from Ingersoll. The material usually glass fiber can be pre-preg by epoxy resin or sprayed on site from bi-component tanks and controlled nozzles. A variety of ancillary equipment are possible to  be integrated on the same travelling gantry structure.

Lay-up speed up to 110 m/min
Cut on borderline by accurate trimming knife
Bi-directional lay-up capability
Dry fabric (woven/non-woven) with robotic resin distribution
Pre Preg Fabric
Two different end-effectors:
Multi-directional tape head (<600mm)
Dispenser with directions
Limited complexity/curvature of the part geometry
Edge glue distribution
Trimming after coupling