Wind Blades: Automated line for undirectional fiber deposition and ancillary operations

Processing deposition speeds up to 600 Kg/hour  
Full capability on traditional  molds double  female configuration
Same technique is applied for spars and other sub components
Easy and fast re loading of the creel is applied

Ingersoll Machine Tools transfer its huge aerospace experience on AFPM machines (fiber placement) into the future of longest wind blade construction. Application of Unidirectional tows of pre preg material allows the designers to reach the best strain control and the use of Carbon fiber with no scrap and optimization. The consistency and low impact environmental of the CNC gantry system are the natural application of decades of gantry machines experience from Ingersoll. A variety of ancillary equipment are possible to  be integrated on the same travelling gantry structure.

Lay-up speed up to 110 m/min
Perfect layers and boundary deposition lines with virtually no scrap
Bi-directional lay-up capability
Pre preg UD Carbon Materials
Dry for on situ impregnation
Thermosetting  Resins(Epoxy etc.)
Thermoplastic Resins
Multi-directional Steering capability
Sub components production on rotating mandrels or static moulds
All geometries of parts are possible
Accuracy and repeatability allows minimum structure weight