Innse-Berardi School

The Innse-Berardi School is part of the CIS (Camozzi Innovation System) and represents a significant innovation process, it was already present in the tradition of the “Rino Berardi” company and it was reintroduced since it is considered a key value. The objective is to continue with history and with various activities including the school that have always been part of Camozzi heritage.

The project aims to improve the skills of each employee and consequently to enhance the professional growth of new hires and increase their value. Through development plans, and increasing loyalty and motivation of staff , the company aims to keep its own resources.

Another important goal is the sharing of knowledge, which is exchanged between senior and junior employees through these development plans, creating a corporate  "shared" knowledge.

The training process involves an initial phase of creating the "master craftsmen", internal staff who have high technical skills and extensive experience. They have the moral task of transferring expertise, passion for their work and a guideline for corporate values to young people.

The training includes classroom time on specialized technical topics such as materials, educational materials and fundamentals of behavior and organization.