Innse-Berardi over the years

1886: The "Franchi Company" was established as a foundry of cylinders. In 1916 it was renamed Franchi Gregorini, also marking the commencement of the production of machine tools.

1900: Following the merger with the company Griffin of Milan the production of wheels in temperate cast iron for the railroads commenced. The diversification started subsequently with the acquisition and construction of mines and electric stations that guaranteed the continuous supply of materials and energy. In just a few years the business had become one of Italy’s largest industrial complex experiencing a growth of 400 to 32,000  workers from the beginning of the century to the end of the war.

1920: Responding to internal demands, Rino Berardi built the first sensitive drilling machines, considered to be the milestone of the "Officine Meccaniche Rino Berardi". The need to realize competition engines, radial engines for aviation and also an entire car, propelled Mr. Rino Berardi to propose a more defined trend for his enterprise.

1926 : Rino Berardi builds the first single-seated car in the world.

1930: The Officine Meccaniche Rino Berardi  begins its own activity i.e the production of machine tools that over the next 50 years was to become a historical trade-mark at an international level.

In the meantime The Franchi Gregorini becomes S. Eustacchio.

1936: Rino Berardi and Count Aymo Maggi, manufactured and drove the 'Berardi Maggi', the worlds' first one-sitter.

1941: The first transfer circular type machines.

1960: the first linear-type transfer machine. The NC transfer lines, the CNC machining centres and the flexible transfer machining lines (FMS) will be realized later on.

1972: Sees the formation of INNSE (INNocenti S. Eustacchio) formed by the merger of Innocenti Meccanica and S. Eustacchio.

1989: The industrial events arising from the  problems at the end of the 80s prepares these two Companies for the same destiny as many other important and prestigious European Companies.

Recognizing the importance of these two industrial names, the Italian Government, through the Industry and Treasury Ministries permits the reorganization of the two companies through the "Prodi" law.

1997: the CAMOZZI GROUP acquires Berardi S.p.a. and in July of the same year also purchases INNSE Machine Tools thus creating the Italian sector of the Camozzi Machine Tools Division.

2002: Innse-Berardi S.p.a. obtained the certification ISO 9001 2000 from DNV.

2003: the Machine Tools Division is further strengthened by the acquisition of Ingersoll in the United States, business Leader in the construction of special machine tools in the fields of: Aeronautic, Aerospace, Defence and Energy.

The integration of the expertise of these companies allows for a strong competitive position in the production of machine tools for the sectors of Defence, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Transports (Railway and Navy).

These strong synergies enable Camozzi Machine Tools to attain a Leadership position in the strategic areas where Ingersoll is already known worldwide.