October 19 2015

NCDMM, Ingersoll Machine Tools and Orbital ATK Successfully complete DMS&T Project

May 05 2014

Use of production-level AFP machine a first for U.S. university research center

February 27 2014

A local company was able to create some more jobs with a new, $30 million project.

February 27 2014

NCDMM Selects ATK as Its Partner

October 28 2013

Telescope Mount Assembly for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope

May 29 2013

Used by Boeing to construct a one-piece barrel out of composite material.

May 16 2013

On-tool inspection for the automated material placement project


December 17 2012

Innse-Berardi presents a new range of products

September 28 2012

Ingersoll: Inside a manufacturing warehouse at Marshall Space Flight Center