Ingersoll and the National Solar Observatory, a partnership that looks to the future

July 05 2011
Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc, wins the contract for the assembly...

Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc, wins the contract for the assembly of the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope - ATST.

Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc. have been awarded the contract for assembly of the ATST. Ingersoll was selected on the basis of its exceptional experience, exhibiting the highest quality, in the construction of larger structures guided and controlled for high precision movements. The Camozzi Group is no stranger to the realisation of projects of this entity. The Group has completed projects such as LBT (Large Binocular Telescope) one of the most technologically advanced telescopes ever built, as well as many other components for the energy sector employing the most advanced technologies. The Brescia based company is the only Italian company present in this project, which will see the creation of the largest Solar Telescope in the world. The Telescope Mount Assembly (TMA) with a height of 13 metres, will have two axis of movement, (Azimuth and Altitude) and will support the main lens which has a diameter of 4 meters. Included in the TMA, there will be a rotating base with a diameter of 16.5 metres. Led by the National Solar Observatory, the ATST project is handled by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. on the basis of an agreement with the National Science Foundation. ATST will be an optical telescope that will serve the physics community in the course of the 21 century, and will support a series of instruments and adaptable lenses, a cutting edge technical solution that will operate solar telescopes with a large aperture st The production plant of the Group belonging to the Camozzi Manufacturing Division is enriched by a new generation of multi-purpose machinery The new Praber mechanical press installed at the Campress facilities.

Laura Camozzi
Marketing Office Innse-Berardi