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April 04 2011
Special CIMT 2011

Camozzi Machine Tools is an international brand that is present on the market with two historical and renowned companies in the machine tool sector: Innse-Berardi and Ingersoll.

The synergy between the two enterprises, recently further developed, allows being present on the world market with a wide range of products. The companies share their potentials and know-how: this assures the commercial and technological growth to the whole division.

The integration between the two enterprises guarantees concreteness and innovation capability and offers a design and manufacturing potential in constant growth.

Camozzi Machine Tools is part of Camozzi Group, an international reality that diversifies its activities in several divisions: automation, machine tools, textile machinery, energy and manufacturing. The whole Group employs about 2,000 people and is present all over the world with 19 productive plants, 29 branch offices and a wide net of exclusive distributors.

Thanks to this relationship and exploiting the potentials of the homonymous group, Camozzi Machine Tools (CMT) operates on international markets with its own net that diffusely covers all areas and all productive fields. The division is present in direct way through its manufacturing plants respectively in Brescia (Italy) for Innse-Berardi and in Rockford (USA) for Ingersoll and through commercial branches in Germany (Alberhausen), China (Shanghai) and Russia (St. Petersburg).

 Widespread presence

Shanghai branch office offers psychological and logistic tranquility to customers as it relies on highly skilled commercial and technical personnel. Chinese collaborators are supported and have been trained by Italian personnel coming from the head office.

The customer receives good support both from the commercial but especially from the technical point of view: thanks to this organization the branch office can assist the customer step by- step during the sale, during the successive phases of manufacturing, design review, delivery, re-assembly, commissioning, final testing, warranties and possible after sale service interventions and supply of spare parts.

Through remote access, specialized technicians can intervene on the machine, even if they are not present on the productive site, with the aid of the teleservice “ePs Network Services”. This provides detailed information for the fast localization and the precise analysis of the failure causes, which can be eliminated quickly.

Over the years the two companies have evolved, adapting their production to a market that today is very attentive and demanding. The structure can offer an array of services, such as the joint study of the machine before manufacturing, feasibility study, machining cycle for the “turnkey” production of the piece, the real machine with all customizations, the personnel training, the plant delivery and commissioning, and maintenance interventions also abroad. The main application sectors to which the group turns are energy, naval, general mechanics, aeronautics, aerospace, earth handling, railway and iron and steel industry.

Wide-ranging skills

Today the product marketing is oriented towards some strategic sectors that enable CMT to compete on the market with more and more automated machinery and allow final customers to accomplishtheir productions in short times and with less workpiece set-ups and displacements. CMT, stable on the market, does not represent a mere supplier only but a technological partner for customers, to be able to develop the project together with them: it can supply a complete service, assuring innovation capability and concreteness.

The energy market is living a strong expansion phase and customers require bigger and bigger machines and plants, with high technical performances. For this sector they propose horizontal-type milling boring machines, vertical milling machines with fixed or travelling portal, special milling machines for rotor-slots or generators, turning and milling centres and special machines. The potential user of these machines produces pieces such as rotors, low-medium-and high-pressure turbine housing in the ambit of the thermoelectric energy. Several other components in the energy sector, such as nozzle blades for hydroelectric energy and nuclear components (vessels and reactors) are successfully machined on CMT machines. Recently the Group has strengthened its presence also in the sector of components for wind energy.

Dedicated solutions

Among all so-called special machines, there is one for dedicated applications: a deep-hole horizontal drilling machine used for drilling the tube plates of the heat exchangers for nuclear power stations. We are speaking of very special and accurate machining: the piece to be realized calls for high precision, the operation is carried out automatically and is monitored by a system that, upon request, can execute also adaptive control and auto-learning. The machine can be equipped with BTA and /or Gundrill systems. The naval sector is steeply rising, too. CMT offers machines suitable for  machining pieces such as big diesel motors, for which horizontal or portal milling machines, machining centres, special machines and FMS can be used. Camozzi Machine Tools produces also FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems). The company has recently realized, for instance, an expandable integrated system composed by two machines with fixed portal, mobile table and mobile traverse. The system is equipped with pallet transfer shuttle and loading/unloading/parking stations for workpieces to be machined. The plant is intended for the machining of diesel engines in the naval sector but, thanks to its high flexibility, can mill and bore any other general mechanics component. One of the great advantages of the system is its high productivity, attained through the knockdown of idle times such as setup, piece clamping, dimensional control, turnover, cleaning and check of possible non-conformities. Besides, thanks to the thermal symmetry of the system and to the compensation control, you can obtain very precise machining. The machine is equipped with X/Y/W/Z strokes of 13,000, 6,000, 2,500 and 2,000 mm. The spindle provides 100 kW power with 9.000 Nm torque and maximum rotation speed of 2,500 rpm. Pallets can bear pieces up to 3,500x10,000 mm and weighing 100 tons.

Each portal of the system is equipped with its own automatic tool magazine and head magazine, it too automatic, mutually integrated, both managed and serviced by a robot travelling on a dedicated line. The tool magazine has a capacity of 450 pockets with max load of 125 kg, maximum diameter of 400 mm and maximum length of 1,500 mm. Other 16 pockets can be used for the management of heavy accessories or tools: different types of accessories are supplied with the system, such as square, tilting and indexing heads dedicated to specific machining of the workpiece, besides a universal head for interpolated operations.

Source : Italian Technolgy - The Journal of machine tools ( April, CIMT 2011 )