July 25 2012

Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. recently began manufacturing components...

Rockford, IL USA- July 25, 2012- Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. recently began manufacturing components on its newest inhouse gantry milling machine, the Ingersoll MasterMill.

The new machine has added significant capacity to Ingersoll’s Contract Machining and Manufacturing business at its U.S. headquarters. In addition to being the largest milling machine in the U.S., the MasterMill was designed and built using proven, state-of-the-art components and controls, advancing the capabilities to both Ingersoll and U.S. manufacturing.

The machine size and flexibility allow Ingersoll to produce parts for a large range of applications. Ingersoll’s MasterMill has an adjustable crossrail and is over 26’wide between the columns, the massive machine is able to produce parts up to 26’ W x 100’ L x 21’H. The workzone includes a 16’ diameter turning and milling table for added capability.

Automatic, quickexchange for both the spindle units and cutting tools provides automation for increased productivity. The MasterMill can perform multiple machining operations such as, milling, turning and boring. High-power and high-precision features were engineered into the MasterMill in order to accommodate customers’ rate and quality demands.

With a 125 kW main spindle drive and utilizing a Siemens 840D for controls, Ingersoll is able to meet and exceeded customer requirements. Also supporting quality and safety needs is the ability to remotely monitor the machine; managers and application engineers can view real-time manufacturing progress from their computers.

Additionally, the MasterMill is located in a climate controlled room which has access for large part delivery and pick-up. To date, the machine has produced large components for U.S. companies in wind energy, transportation, mining, nuclear power plant, gas turbines, and structural components for Ingersoll machines. Ingersoll will continue to invest, promote and grow in U.S. manufacturing across all industries. Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. is a supplier of large machine tools and automated fiber placement equipment for metal cutting and composite applications.

Additionally, Ingersoll performs sub-contract manufacturing and engineering services at its headquarters in Rockford, IL USA.