Ingersoll: Succesfully operating material inspection system on production AFP equipment

March 26 2013

Rockford III.- March 8, 2013


Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. is successfully operating its Real Time Inspection System (RTIS) on a production automated fiber placement (AFP) machine. RTIS inspects each tow prior to deposition onto the part. The system identifies defects for each tow, such as twists, breaks, splices and tows out of tolerance, and either records the location on the part or notifies the machine operator of the issue.

The system is highly customizable and each partner using RTIS is able to elect which anomalies to identify and how and when to do the required rework or record that specific type of defect. Inspection and rework time are major time consuming and cost factors for composite structures produced by AFP.

By knowing exactly where a defect is on the part or preventing the process from laying defective material, inspection and rework time are reduced significantly. The AFP machine currently using Ingersoll’s RTIS will be used to produce large composite structures for commercial aircraft.

Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. is a world leader in the production of both Horizontal and Vertical Gantry Automated Fiber Placement Machines. The Lynx and Mongoose AFP machines lead the market in productivity and offer superior reliability. Ingersoll’s machines produce a wide range of parts throughout the world, including fuselage sections, nacelle components, passenger doors, wing skins and vertical and horizontal stabilizers. For more information please contact Ingersoll at +1.815.987.6000 or