Innse Berardi with Microsoft at BIMU

October 10 2016

Machine tool of the future

Rome, Oct. 6 (askanews) - It is called IBRM, which is the acronym of Innse Berardi Remote Maintenance, the software platform elaborated by Innse Berardi and Camozzi Digital, two of the most advanced industrial companies in Europe of the Camozzi Group from Brescia in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). The new solution, developed also thanks to the cooperation with Microsoft, is presented these days at the BI-MU exhibition of Milan, the thirtieth edition of one of the main international exhibitions dedicated to “Metal forming and metal cutting machines, robots, automation and auxiliary technologies”.

IBRM is a Remote Platform for predictive maintenance. It regards a system that - thanks to the use of a specific hardware, of predictive algorithms and sensors developed after years of advanced research, using the latest enabling technologies in the field of IoT (Big data, Cloud computing, Machine Learning) - enables to maximize the efficiency of maintenance activities of clients, intervening remotely and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. By taking advantage of the Cloud Azure platform and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, data are transformed into intelligent actions and after an appropriate analysis they can offer the client companies the necessary indications to have their factory work at its best, recovering efficiency and gaining productivity.



The platform, connected to the Cloud Computing of Microsoft, communicates in a protected way with the Customer Service and the team of technical support of Innse-Berardi’s Control Room. Condition Monitoring enables to keep the progress of the main and vital parameters of electronical, electrical and mechanical machines constantly under control: wear, consumption and overheating can no longer escape from a constant and detailed monitoring.

In this way, the “Service Team” of Innse Berardi is able to be continuously informed by the IBRM platform regarding the state of functioning of the machine while it operates, even at a distance of thousands of kilometers, preventing the failure of essential components.   Furthermore, Technical Support can constantly assist the client and provide useful information and suggestions for an efficient and pro-active maintenance of machines. This approach represents a substantial change in the offering of the Camozzi Group, in line with the trend that does not only consider the product (i.e. the machine) at the centre of Value Proposition, but also its “productivity”. In the era of Big Data, thanks to the help of hardware and software structures that enable to perform predictive maintenance, by cloud management on the Microsoft Azure platform and processing a huge amount of data through Cortana Intelligence Suite, obtained by means of the sensors integrated in the machine, Innse Berardi is able to guarantee its clients an increased productivity linked to a reduction of downtime due to failures or extraordinary maintenance. With the clients we therefore speak about the overall added value obtained thanks to the use of the Innse Berardi machines and no longer about the operational parameters only. 

The supply analysis is conducted by evaluating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the relationship between this and the productivity that is obtained thanks to integrated technologies on the machine itself. Innse Berardi’s offering also includes the IBNETsolution: a highly innovative End2End platform for the monitoring of productivity. Developed in order to make the management of the production process easy, efficient, fast and intuitive, this system enables to collect and store all essential data linked to production: operating conditions of the machine, logic states and technological parameters, power consumption, ecc... This information is processed and correlated returning the main and essential KPI (key performance indicators) in different forms through the available dashboards (charts, diagrams, tables, ...).

Thanks to IBNET and IBRM and to the advantages of the Microsoft technology applied to the machinery, the client can rely on a unique solution for the integrated and transparent management of his system. The centralization and organization of messages coming from the entire production process in an intuitive and well-structured interface, will allow him to keep all parameters under control, anytime, anywhere. All this, increasing the speed of decision and response and reducing operational costs through a fully digital End-to-End  integration. “We are proud of this new cooperation with Innse Berardi that capitalizes the long partnership between Mircrosoft and the Camozzi Group and confirms our commitment to promote Industry 4.0 in Italy.

Thanks to the flexibility and safety of Azure Cloud Computing and the IoT Cortana Intelligence Suite platform, our companies will be able to seize the opportunities of Internet of Things more easily and transform the data coming from their own machines and systems into intellligent actions”, stated Vincenzo Esposito, Director of the SME Division and Partner of Microsoft Italy. "Italy is the second European manufacturing industry and it is therefore essential to back up the way of innovation of companies with intelligent and connected machinery able to generate a competitive advantage for the individual companies, and to contribute to the overall competitiveness of the country. Just consider that additional investments regarding the Industrial Internet of Things could generate an increase in productivity of 197 billion of dollars or a growth of the GDP by 1.1%”.