Cooperation between Innse Berardi and Microsoft further reinforced

October 10 2016

New platform presented in occasion of the BI-MU Exhibition of Milan

Innse Berardi and Camozzi Digital, two of the most advanced industrial companies in Europe of the Camozzi Group from Brescia in the field of Internet of Things, have presented their new platform for remote predictive maintenance of any industrial system in occasion of the BI-MU Exhibition of Milan.

The platform, called IBRM (Innse Berardi Remote Maintenance), allows to maximize the efficiency of maintenance activities of clients, intervening remotely and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. By taking advantage of two Microsoft products, i.e. the Cloud Azure platform and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, data are transformed into intelligent actions and after an appropriate analysis they can offer the client companies the necessary indications to have their factory work at its best, recovering efficiency and gaining productivity.

The platform uses a specific hardware, predictive algorithms and sensors developed after years of advanced research and  all the best enabling technologies in the field of IoT (big data, cloud computing, machine learning).

Connected to the Cloud Computing of Microsoft, it communicates in a protected way with the Customer Service and the team of technical support of Innse-Berardi’s Control Room. Condition Monitoring enables to keep the progress of the main and vital parameters of electronical, electrical and mechanical machines constantly under control: wear, consumption and overheating can no longer escape from a constant and detailed monitoring.