US-based Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc. to remain part of Camozzi Group

November 16 2018

A key component in Camozzi Group overall portfolio.

Brescia, Italy 16th November 2018 - The Camozzi Group has today announced that Rockford-based Ingersoll Machine Tools will be retained by the Group as a key component in its overall portfolio.  Over the last year, Camozzi has been approached by investors who were interested in acquiring Ingersoll, but in the end, the decision to retain Ingersoll has been taken by the Camozzi Board as a strategic company.

Taking advantage of global synergies, Ingersoll and Brescia-based Innse Berardi will continue to work together as the Camozzi Group Machine Tools division, specializing in the production of medium and large machine tools for machining aluminum, cast iron, titanium, steel and carbon fiber composites.

The Machine Tools business unit offers specialized machining technologies for such specialized applications as railways switches, rotor turbines, aerospace and defense components, and the laying of carbon fiber composites for the aviation industry.

A NASA preferred partner, Ingersoll employs 180 people at its Rockford site, which boasts an assembly area of 36,000 sqm and a machining area of 19,000 sqm.

Ingersoll recently delivered a Mongoose, the world’s largest fiber placement machine, to an OEM manufacturer, to assist in the production of rockets for space vehicles.  The Mongoose measures 41m x 15m x 13m and provides unique capabilities for both the layup and inspection of composite fiber components.   Additionally, Ingersoll has developed the world’s largest 3D Printer with its new WHAM product.   The WHAM is targeted at printing large components such as tooling for the Aerospace industry.  Ingersoll has the capability to provide these machines to its customers, or to print parts for customers from its new Development Center.

On October 15th 2018, Chip Storie, with 30 years’ experience in the machine tools industry, commenced work as CEO of Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc., assisted initially by Ingersoll’s previous CEO Tino Oldani.

Commenting on his appointment, Chip said: “I am very honored to have been given the opportunity to drive Ingersoll forward, with the huge advantage of being part of such a large Group as Camozzi. Ingersoll has a proud history of delivering continuous improvement on machinery and processes. I look forward to helping customers around the world meet the challenges for ever more efficient production, higher quality and greater competitive advantage.”

Camozzi, President and CEO of the Camozzi Group said: “We are very proud of what Ingersoll has achieved and we want to grow our presence in the US market by continuing to invest in the machine tool sector. The positive synergy established with Ingersoll has enabled the Camozzi Machine Tools Division to reinforce its position as a leader in this sector.”

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