Aries 2

Aries 2
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Ram/Headstock sizemm.420X460
Boring spindle

The Aires 2 is featured by closed section Ram. The carriage has twelve preloaded hydrostatic pockets. The machine is equipped with further detection and compensation
systems which assure the maximum protruding straightness of the Ram (with or without attachments) and of the boring spindle.

Boring spindle diametermm150-165
Ram/headstock sizemm420x460
Ram/headstock horizontal stroke (W axis )mm1.250
Boring spindle stroke (Z-axis )mm1.000
Max. spindle power (S1)kW60-80
Nominal torqye on milling spindle (S1)Nm3.900-5.000
nr. of speed rangenr.2
Max. spindle speedrpm2.750-3.250
Ram/headstock vertical stroke (Y axis )mm3.000÷5.500
 Column longitudinal stroke ( (X axis )mm 5.000÷30.000

The above specifications are not binding and the Builder reserves the right to

modify them at any time when deemed necessary