Roto-traversing table

Roto-traversing table
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Load capacitytonfrom 25 to 500
Dimension table surfacemmfrom 2.000x2.000 to 6.500x8.000

Our machining centres can be equipped with a wide variety of roto-traversing tables with complete hydrostatic bearing both for the rotating axis B and for the linear axis. In general all the tables can be equipped with a clamping system on the rotating axis (B axis).

The system is designed in such a way that it doesn’t modify the angular position of the table during the clamping phase.


 u.m.PMFC 1200PMFC 1600PMFC 1900PMFC 2500PMFC 3000PMFC 3600PMFC 4100
Load capacityton255060÷120 130÷180 190÷250260÷350 360÷500
Min.table surface dimmm 2.000x2.0002.500x2.500 3.000x3.000 4.000x4,000 4.500x4.500 5.000x5.000 6.000x6.000 
Max table surface dimmm 2.500x2.5004.000x4.000 5.000x5.000 5.500x5.5006.000x6.500 





V-Axis longitudinal strokemm 2.000÷4.500  2.000÷4.500 2.000÷4.500 2.500÷4.500 3.000÷5.0003.000÷5.000 3.000÷5.000