Atlas 3RP

Atlas 3RP
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Ram/Headstock sectionmm.




Vertical stroke of ram/Headstock (Z-Axis )mm.2.000-2.500

Atlas 3RP is a fixed portal machine with one or two movable tables. It can be configured with fixed or working crossrail.

The machines is especially indicated for machining medium and large workpieces that requires very high accuracy. The machines can be integrated in flexible systems as FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System).

In the above picture you can see a system of nr. 2 Atlas 3RP configurated in a FMS. Here the shuttle is running automatically for the movement of pallets from the load-unloading working station up to parking station and viceversa.


Crossrail type -Fixed or mobile
Ram/headstock sectionmm




Vertical stroke of ram/Headstock (Z-Axis )mm2.000-2.500
Distance between columnsmm4.200÷6.200
Max. distance between floor plate and spindle nosemm2.000÷10.500
Max. spindle powerkW80-100
Max. spindle rotation nr.2.500-5.000
Table width mm 3.000÷5.500
Single table lenghtmm4.500÷16.500
C Axis 

indexing - 360 x 1° -720 x 0,5°


continuos - nx360

The above specifications are not binding and Builder reserves the right to modify them

at any time when deemed necessary