Atlas 4G

Atlas 4G
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Ram/Headstock sectionmm






Vertical stroke of RAM/Headstock (Z axis )mm2.500 - 3.000-3.500

Atlas 4G is a mobile portal machine that can be configured with fixed or working crossrail. The machine is suitable for machining large size workpieces. In order to reduce significantly the setup time of workpieces the machine can be composed with one or more workstations.

Crossrail type -Mobile
Ram/headstock sectionmm





Vertical stroke of ram/Headstock (Z-Axis )mm2.500-3.000-3.500
Distance between columnsmm7.000÷10.000
Max. distance between floor plate and spindle nosemm6.000÷10.500
Max. spindle powerkW100-130
Max. spindle rotation rpm2.000-2.500
Floor plate widthmm 6.000÷9.000
Longitudinal travel of portal ( x-axis )mm 7.000÷25.000
C Axis 

indexing - 360 x 1° -720 x 0,5°


continuos - nx360°

The above specifications are not binding and Builder reserves the right to modify them

at any time when deemed necessary