Contract Manufacturing

For over 100 years, Ingersoll and Innse-Berardi has been known for durability and precision, maintaining the highest quality standards for machine tool components. With unique contract manufacturing resources available for prototype machining and production runs, Ingersoll and Innse-Berardi are focused on understanding our customers’ manufacturing requirements and expectations.

Customers come to Ingersoll and Innse-Berardi for prototype development, special projects or as a complete manufacturing resource. We can machine parts including engine blocks, turbines, windmill hubs, heavy construction components and aerospace lay-up tools. In addition, customers turn to Ingersoll for testing advanced machining techniques before making an investment in capital equipment.

For customers requiring not only machining but complete assembly and testing, Ingersoll and Innse-Berardi can provide inspection, stress relieving, media blasting, painting and final assembly.