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March 08 2010
Innse-Berardi is among the main suppliers of Siemens Energy Company

Innse-Berardi is among the main suppliers of Siemens Energy Company. The high technological level of the machines manufactured by the company located in Brescia and its high skill in customizing the products  has reinforced the partnership for more than 10 years. The most recent applications have been carried out for the German factories in Berlin and Görlitz.

Innse-Berardi, historic factory located in Brescia, is the heart of the Machine Tools Division of the Camozzi Group, an international company born in 1964 and currently operating in more than 70 countries with 20 branches  and over 50 distributors in 5 divisions: Automation (Camozzi Spa), Machine Tools (Innse-Berardi, Ingersoll), Textile Machines (Marzoli, Vouk,), Manufacturing  (Campress, Camcasting, Plastibenaco, Marzoli Foundry, Newton Officine Meccaniche) Camozzi Energy.

Innse-Berardi is specialized in designing and building horizontal boring-milling machines, vertical milling machines with travelling portal, vertical milling machines with movable table, turning and milling centre, rotor slot milling machines, deep holes milling machine, rotary tables, special plants.

The attention for the technological innovation, the competence of the staff at any level of the company, the specialized “know-how” grown during many years dedicated to the development of the advanced applications and the capacity to meet Customer’s requirements has allowed the Innse Berardi company, that in 2008 obtained the renewal of the certification ISO 9001 2000 from DNV, to be outstanding, at  international level, in the following sectors as general mechanics, energy, steel, earth moving, chemical, nuclear, railway, navy, automotive. The success comes from the real will to present the company on the market not only as a supplier, but like a strategic and technologic partner able to offer a complete service in the main world-wide industrialized markets, for  design and manufacturing of the machines, (standard or special) to pre- and after-sale service.

Working on the international market is surely a reason of pride for the company in Brescia and in general for  the “Made in Italy”, but when the supply is for a customer in Germany, country of the best machine tools manufacturers,  the satisfaction becomes bigger.

The proper example is the following, the case of 2 applications, that INNSE-BERARDI has developed for Siemens Energy, confirming the high level of technology in the energy sector, a sector that , better than others, has hold out the negative action of the present economic situation and that has always represented a production sphere with high added value and with big competitive.

Innse-Berardi for Siemens Energy

In the Energy sector, the Italian company in Brescia has a plurennial experience in designing  and manufacturing  machine tools for the machining of a wide range of products for steam turbine and water turbine like : turbine  rotors,  generator  rotors,  low pressure case, medium and high pressure cases,  Pelton  runner,  Francis turbine runner, Kaplan blades and hubs, compressor cases, electrical-motor housing,  pump turbines, gas turbines,  wind  system  reducers, and more over.

The two above mentioned applications strengthen  the ten-year cooperation between Innse-Berardi and Siemens – Energy division characterized  by  several supplies of milling and turning machines for the factories of the German group. The 2 last machines were supplied to the Berlin and Görlitz factories. Siemens-Energy Sector is among the worldwide leader in the supply of products, services and solutions for the generation, transmission, distribution of energy, moreover for the extraction, conversion, transportation of oil and gas.

Siemens produced inBerlinthe largest and most efficient gas turbine in the world. It has a power of 375 megawatt and,  in continuous cycle operation, an efficiency degree of over 60% . The turbine, that was build for an electrical central in the Bavarian village of Irsching, hold the power world record, in fact the power is equivalent to the production of 13 airplane motors  and is enough to supply power to a city like Hamburg.

The production plant in Görlitz is the headquarter of the Siemens activities in the field of industrial steam turbines and one among the 7 plants in the world, producing the industrial steam turbines, with power from 45 Kw up to 200 MW.

Over 2.500 people are involved in the development of the product,  production, marketing, sales of steam turbines. There are approx. 20.000 Siemens turbine installed worldwide . “Precision, flexibility, working quality, productivity were the requirements that the company Siemens asked us for this application - explains the General Director Giovanni Camozzi of INNSE-BERARDI -  on which we should compare with other important  Italian, German and foreign builder of machine tools, to which were also asked to propose their own solutions.

Innse-Berardi were able to overtake the  requirements and interpret  in an innovative manner through 2 machines, one for Berlin, one for Görlitz,

The machines are : one boring-milling machine with movable column  and one  turning and milling machine with a high level of  “personalization”, that,  thanks to dedicated fixtures and tooling, had permitted to optimize the working cycles for productions of turbine case and compressor, in the plant of Berlin, and turbine rotors, in the plant of Görlitz 

The 2 machines present a high level of application of the hydrostatic system ; this permits to overtake the different problems, like mechanical , cinematic and dynamic problems, depending mainly on the dimension and weight of the workpiece.

The advanced equipment that we have developed, has permitted to reduce the setting time  of the piece, and consequently  to reduce the downtime, and to increase the accuracy of the piece.

We are very satisfied, in particular, of these 2 last applications : the result of over than 10 years cooperation with Siemens group.”

Innse-Berardi in Berlin

The horizontal boring and milling machine with movable column Mod. Aries 5 – FAF purchased forBerlinworkshop is a large size machine particularly suitable to machine turbine cases.

FEM designed thermo-symmetrical column body  permits  to  achieve the best results in stiffness and  long-run precision; good capacity of shock absorption, reduced thermal deformation, low noise and low feed speed motion.

Thermo-symmetrical structures and a large  number  of  preloaded  jacks allows to obtain  the  highest  stiffness  in  the    connection bed - founda­tion;

Preloaded hydrostatic guideways on all working travels (Z-axis not included), hydrostatic screws for longitudinal and vertical travel (X-Y axes) in order to get, even in case of high strokes, very short kinematic chains able to reduce back-lashes and elasticity, are among the machine main peculiarities.

The machine  is equipped with patented compensation system to keep high accuracy during horizontal travel  of headstock and boring spindle as well as electrically controlled load balancing system for headstock and carriage in order to guarantee the min. inertia and a quick reply of vertical axis (Y-axis)

The Numerical Control for  all the axes of machine, integrates a technological adaptive control for the check of feed variation and of cutting parameters compared with absorbed power during milling operations  as well as the control of thrust variation during boring operations.

Travel of axes : X-17500 mm ; Y-8000 mm ; Z-2000 mm. ; boring spindle travel (W-axis) 1600 mm. ; Spindle features: Tool taper ISO 60 ; Max power S1 150 Kw ; Max speed : 1600 rpm ; diameter of boring spindle  260 mm. ;

Innse-Berardi in Görlitz

The machine installed in Görlitz works is a turning and milling machining center Model TPFF 400-GH-3/I x 12000 CNC performing following operations: turning with 25000 N of cutting stress on 4000 mm diameter,  turning finishing, roughing and finishing  of “fir-tree” slots , radial milling/drilling, axial milling/drilling and inclined milling/drilling.

This machine is part of the series of high productivity and accuracy turning and machining centers that Innse Berardi has dedicated to the machining of rotors, turbines and generators.

Many solutions adopted on the TPFF 400 installed @ Siemens  allow  reaching high performances and a correct approach of the operator to the machine.

Particularly,  the workpiece headstock with hydrostatic spindle grants run-out values inferior to 0.005 mm

Carriage cross movement  is divided into two steps: one having a high working stroke (1750 mm) and the other one with 250 mm positioning stroke.  Said division allows the optimization of machine dimensions according to the size of workpiece to machine.

A great qualifying  peculiarity of turning and milling machining center is the use of hydrostatic steady rests. In this case the hydrostatic pad is fitted on a tilting support which allows the steady rest to conform correctly to the rotor bending. Hydrostatic steady rests are mounted on resting bases provided with powered longitudinal travel  common to roller-type steady rests. Each base of steady rest is complete with hydraulic unit for lubrication of hydrostatic pad and lubrication of  contact  pads.

Here are main technical data:

  • Max. turning length between centers mm 12000 (+2000) mm;  Max. turning diameter over the carriage mm 4000;
  • Max. radial, axial milling/drilling diameter  mm 4000;  Max workload admitted on centers kN 600 ; Feature of spindle during  turning operations; two infinitely variable speed ranges (1,5÷300 rpm) ; Motor power 150 kW  ; max. nominal torque on spindle axis  50000 Nm.
  • Features of spindle during milling operations:
  • Tool shank taper HSK 125 ; Max speed  3900 rpm ; motor power 30 kW  ; max. nominal torque  11.490 Nm

Source : Tecnologie Meccaniche, march 2010 - editor : : Nestore Pio Remi